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Alternating Dome Riveted Black Chainmail Shirt - Half Sleeve

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Manufacturer: Lord Of Battles

Product Code: SNC174BK

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This haubergeon is crafted from flat rings of blackened mild steel - half of the rings are dome riveted and these alternate with solid flat rings. The rings are smaller than many other production mail at only 6mm and this has given this mail haubergeon a ‘’tight weave’’ of linked mail.

Chainmail is great protection against cutting and slashing attacks - cutting through metal is simply not easily accomplished. The value of mail against penetrating attacks can vary, depending both on the quality of the mail and the form of the weapon. Swords in the later Medieval period began to be crafted with increasingly thinner tips and quadrangular cross-section geometry - an ideal form for splitting links or simply stabbing through though round gaps! A tightly woven weave of small links, such as this example, aids in protecting against such a thrusting attack.

Medium - Fits Chest Size up to 44'' - Weight- 21 lb 5.5 oz
Large - Fits Chest Size up to 50'' - 24 lb 5.9 oz
X-Large - Fits Chest Size up to 56'' - Weight - 28 lb 6.6 oz


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